Written 11/2003.
Updated 10/22/04


I've just started this page; it's Palm Pilot software recommendations for a friend.

Mac synchronization

PalmSource has officially given up writing the palm sync software, the putzes. A company called Mark/Space has stepped up with The Missing Sync for PalmOS. Forty bucks gets you back in the game. Tested with my Clie UX-50 and a Tungsten T. This was the only way I could get files from the SD card in the Clie.

I've had some oddities with iSync, but I'm not sure if this is to blame or not. I do some weird stuff, and it's hard to debug.

Replacement program launchers

Launch 'Em is the spiffy shell I run.

Replacements for built-in programs

I quite like Datebk5 as a replacement for the appointment calendar. Free demo.

Once your phone book gets large enough, Tealphone is a nice improvement. Free demo.

Replace the lame calculator with the free SC-103PC.

Utility programs

Strip is an awesome free app for storing encrypted usernames and passwords. Also handy for credit card numbers, etc. So if you lose the palm you don't have to freak out and change all your PINs and passwords. Strip homepage

Showtimes is a cute little app that downloads movie times, locations, plots, etc. Perl, free. More useful than you'd think. Semi-borked, these days. Abandonware, sadly. Showtimes page


'Cause everybody knows that a real keyboard like the UX50 demands an SSH client. There are many commercial ones to choose from; I use and like one called TuSSH. Free, now supports SSH2 as well. Even does 80x25 on the UX50.

Palm alternatives

As of 10/2004, the new job requires that I get a Blackberry. Long story. See the blackberry programs page if you're interested; I've compiled a similar page there.