Summary for the Impatient

This is a summary of two related projects: the use of Fibre Channel (FC) at Fermilab / CDF on Linux, and my subsequent attempts to get it working at home. You can find discussions of the problems that we've encountered, a list of vendors that we/I have used, pictures of the various gear used, benchmark results, etc.

As you might expect, the home results are much more geared towards those on limited budgets, and the CDF results are on a high-end quad processor box. However, since it's a short list, the Resources page lumps both together for now.

I've put together an introductory page that has an explanation of the technology, the pros and cons of FC, and an explanation of just what it takes to get started playing with Fibre Channel. It's sort of a mini-HOWTO in the Linux tradition.

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to send me mail.

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