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This all started out as a simple review of my Nextel 7510, written for my co-workers. It's kind of gotten out of hand since then.

I've now broken the pages up by content, added a small blog, and setup a page navigation bar at the top of each page. I hope you like the changes.

Revision history

When I look at a web page, it's always nice to see the date/time and such.

10/22/04 Initial posting.
10/27/04 Typos corrected, also added more on messaging, reorg and cleanup
10/28/04 Added note about TCP/IP, laptop charge.
10/29/04 Added IM, RSS
11/01/04 Added SecurID
11/24/04 TaskPro update, ditto PocketMac
12/20/04 OS4 and 7520 teaser
1/6/05 Split into two pages
1/16/05 Great Rewrite - header, page split, weblog
1/21/05 Data page update - the Mybluebery error, data rates posted

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The 10-second summary

These pages are primarily about the Blackberry 7510 and 7520, on the Nextel service. There's quite a bit of other information about other hardware and carriers, but that's the focus. If you don't know what the RIM Blackberry 75x0 is, here's a picture:
Behold the blackberry
This review was written when the Blackberry OS was version 3.7. Since the initial posting, 4.0 has been released and I've reworked these pages accordingly. Having used 4.0, there's no reason to run 3.7 any more.


As of 10/2004, the new position required that I get a Nextel cell phone. I convinced them to get me the Blackberry 7510. My thinking went something like this:
  1. I have to have a Nextel phone. Moreover, I have to carry it too.
  2. SDSC will let me pay the delta in cost and get data service.
  3. If you're a nerd, the Blackberry is cool-looking. Really.
  4. I've been wanting a smartphone, preferably the Treo 650, to replace my palm + cell.
  5. The Blackberry costs 130 extra, which I have to pay. However, Nextel will credit you $100 for any PDA that works. Most geeks will have an old Palm or such that qualifies, reducing the cost to $30.

So I decided to see if I can use the 7510 to replace my cell + palm. These pages are both a review and a list of recommended programs for those in similar situations.


I want to have just one cell for work and personal use. The idea was to combine gadgets, make traveling easier, and simplify a bit. That turns out to be difficult.

I have, and have been pretty happy with, T-Mobile. In metro areas and overseas, tri-band GSM is great. The initial idea was to transfer the T-mobile phone number to Nextel, and then buy a second number on the 7510. A lot of phones can do this - use and handle dual numbers.

This allows me to only carry one phone, avoiding the dreaded 'Stormtrooper belt' look. Granted, some people want to look like this, at least until they try and fly commercial aviation. I do not.

However, the Blackberry is the only cell phone Nextel sells that cannot handle a second line. I cannot transfer my existing number without replacing the one I have now. On our group plan, I also cannot buy additional personal minutes. Basically, Nextel+Blackberry cannot solve the problem as posed.

This is still an open question. For now, we're waiting to see how usage goes. I suspect that the pool of group minutes will cover my personal calls, and have offered to pay if not. We'll see what happens.

Suggested reading order

Good question, that. How about:
  1. Hardware
  2. Built-in programs
  3. Add-on programs
  5. Links
  6. News/blog




Bottom line

Works very well, not as cool or flexible as a Treo but better email and more reliable. Recommended. Make sure and get OS4.